What we do in easy 11 Q&A!
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What we do in easy 11 Q&A!

What is Super?

Super is a marketing and digital business consulting company, independent and free of overhead costs, formed by strategists, creatives, and developers, aimed to provide marketing solutions tailored to the small and middle market companies audiences.

What are the marketing and digital business consulting services in Super?

Our four core business areas are Consultancy, Audit, Training and Recruitment.

How works the consulting service provided by Super?

For the small companies and entrepreneurs market, the most of them start their project on their own to save some money, when they cannot go forward their briefing is clear: ¿How can we move forward the project, generate traffic, and as a consequence get leads and sales?. There is a small percentage more cautious, who call us in the very beginning and we can help them from the minute 1.


For the medium size and big companies market, the most of the marketing resources are already running previously, they call us in search of an opportunity for improvement or a radical turn in the marketing plan and its application.

How works the audit service provided by Super?

All of the companies, smaller and big ones, which are making an investment of relevance in marketing tools are facing several doubts about the investment scope and the opportunities for optimization, if the feeling is they are not reaching the expected results, the concern is even bigger.


In those situations we perform a comprehensive analysis of the business marketing environment of the organization, both internal and external, about the last 6-12 months. It covers the organization’s goals, objectives, strategies, and principles in order to identify any problems or areas of opportunity and recommend the course of action that best suits the needs of the business.

How works the training service provided by Super?

In the companies where we found a lack of knowledge in the marketing team or someone in the team, to manage the fields and tools they should work for everyday, we offer a specific in house training plan or with an agreement with a business school, in order to learn the correct management of technologies and tools needed to make more productive the day by day workflow and, of course, with less level of frustration.

How works the recruiting service provided by Super?

In the companies where we found the need of an incorporation of a specific profile in the marketing team, we can offer a search and recruitment selection process to provide a full time profile for the requested position, 100% fee success, and with a post sale guarantee 3 months.


Clients frequently demand specific profiles to support some working spikes or implementation activities, for that we can offer recruitment process to deliver an external collaborator, available for weeks or months to deal with those critical periods, without a serious large term employment commitment.

Which is the type service in Super to deliver the marketing and digital business solutions?

In Super we all roll up our sleeves and pitch in, we appoint the best project manager for your project, who is involved with you from the minute number one until the very end. We can be working with you at your premises or working remotely in our location.

What is the Super coverage?

We offer you a strategist, creative and technological community based in the Spanish market with a large collaborative network all over Europe.

Is our digital experience or technical knowledge relevant?

This tale is not about how wonderful we are, or our deep digital background … technology is overrated, because it is a commodity.

What is in this service really relevant?

This tale is about people, … about emotion, … about connection, … about commitment, … it is about understanding you and creating together the best strategic solution tailored to your audience, because no two are alike.

Could you trust in Super?

We’ll be your Sous Chef to help you with your best “digital recipes”,… We’ll be your Sherpa to succeed in your “online expedition”. Request a meeting in our virtual agenda and lets have a great idea together!